Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The beginning...

So, here's a little about me and all that I do...

For years, I have loved creating with my fingers. Whether through drawing, painting, writing or making jewelry--I easily describe myself as "creative." (But...painting and jewelry are, by far, my favorite means of expression!) Up until now, this creativity has been used primarily to enhance myself and my own possessions (ie: hmmm, blank space on the wall...I'll paint something to fill it; hmmm...I need earrings to wear with this dress...I'll make some!)

9 months ago, I introduced my baby son into the world--which, like with many mothers, means "bye-bye typical job!!!" For months I was lost. I was deeply in love with my son and family, but felt like I wasn't doing enough to provide them. (I know..."you're raising a child, that's the most important thing you can focus on...." Let's be honest, that wears off!) There comes a time where focus has to return back to the creator. For me, that time is now!

The focus of myself (and I constantly have to remind myself that such focus is, indeed, not selfish!!!) is displayed through my creations. And now I'm wanting to offer them to others as well.

Through my writing, you will see all that it takes for me to devote my time to making new items. I want your feedback (honesty counts for far more than a non-sincere "job well done"). And, I'll take as much support as you can give.

Thanks again for your interest. Don't forget to visit my store (http://www.bodytowall.etsy.com/).

Created by me, with you in mind....

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  1. Being a 54 yr old mom to 2 guys 26 and 28...I have so much I could tell you ;-) that will be for another post. Enjoy your little cutie.